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Far From Normal

Close to what matters.

Some people find familiarity in the city. Others seek out the solace of nature. Still others prefer the comfort and reassurance of having a medical facility nearby.

At Arcadia Trails, we wanted to create an atmosphere of hope and healing that could work for anyone: Not too rugged, but also not indulgently luxurious. Not caught up in the chaos of the city, but not so far removed from it as to be impractical.

To that end, Arcadia Trails sits on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, surrounded by serene woods between the beautiful suburb of Edmond, Oklahoma and Lake Arcadia, on the full-service medical campus of INTEGRIS Health Edmond. This location doesn’t just make air travel convenient and discretion assured, it strikes the perfect balance between near and far, between nature and modern life … between lost and found.

The facility

Arcadia Trails is a 60,000+ square foot, 40-bed, safe, serene and state-of-the-art recovery environment situated on the edge of a medical campus. Why on a medical campus? Because addiction is a disease, and we treat it like one. 


That’s why Arcadia Trails is staffed 24/7/365 with at least one registered nurse, recovery technicians on nights and weekends as well as physicians and clinical staff that are always just one phone call away – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Arcadia Trails INTEGRIS Each of our 20 semi-private rooms are filled with natural light, and many offer serene views of the surrounding oak forests. To keep the focus on recovery, men and women are separated into two pods.


Arcadia Trails also offers a range of experiential activities for patients, including a large fitness center and gym, recreation therapy, art therapy, a beautiful natural outdoor sanctuary and top-notch dining facilities.


Tobacco & nicotine

Arcadia Trails is on a medical campus, which by State law is smoke- and vape-free. We understand that many people entering recovery are likely to have a nicotine habit, so we’ll be by your side to help with that, too. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) will be offered, as well as smoking cessation classes.

We’re here to help

We collaborate with the Tobacco Treatment Research Program, which offers free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and six counseling sessions, at no charge, that focus on the following topics:

Nicotine patches and/or gum will be provided, as well as other forms of tobacco cessation medications for those who qualify.

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Ready to Get Started?

It’s important to begin treatment as soon as you’re willing and able.

To start the admission process, call us at 405.216.2500 or toll free at 844.817.6685.

You can Fax us at 405.216.2501.

For general information about Arcadia Trails call, 405.216.2564