Levels of Care

At Arcadia Trails, we believe every single individual’s recovery is different. Every person has different skills, learning styles, needs, and goals. That calls for true, customized blueprints for each person’s recovery.

To that end, every patient’s journey begins with intensely comprehensive assessments that will lead to a recommended level of care based on what is clinically appropriate for the individual. The levels of care offered in our continuum are:


Clinical Support 24/7
During this phase, detox and medical stabilization occur. Medication management also begins through the support of medical staff. Patients begin learning about recovery principles and skills, receive education about addiction, and gain insight into different dynamics that influence their substance use. They also learn that fellowship and community are essential to support recovery.


 Clinical Support 16-20 hours per week
Patients begin to practice recovery principles as they begin to integrate back into their families and communities. They participate in group and individual therapy while processing challenges faced in their daily life and find clinical support for any risks to their recovery. Patients have begun to build and use a sober network of support.


 Clinical Support 9-12 hours per week
At this stage, patients have resumed daily work or school activities while implementing recovery principles on a day-to-day basis and under multiple circumstances. Their confidence in maintaining recovery increases as they begin to manage recovery on their own and through the use of their clinical support and other sober networks.

OUTPATIENT (Low Intensity)

Clinical support 1-3 hours per week
As the patient progresses and strengthens their recovery, they are in less need of clinical support. They prioritize recovery on a daily basis and utilize their recovery support networks routinely. During clinical programming, patients share about identified risks, process challenges to their recoveries, and share their experience as a person in recovery.