Drug and Alcohol Detox Intake Process

On your journey to recovery and healthy life, the intake process at Arcadia Trails is a vital step in developing a treatment plan. The caregivers at Arcadia Trails use the intake process to identify important details about each individual and allow patients to ask questions so a clear trail to recovery can be seen.

What Can I Expect from the Intake Process?

During intake, forbidden items will also be collected. Examples of forbidden items may include illicit substances, weapons, paraphernalia and items that could serve as a trigger. Some trigger items can cause patients to veer from their recovery or make treatment less likely to be successful.

Patients will then have a chance to ask questions about the treatment process and will undergo a substance use intake assessment. The assessment questions help us understand your unique situation and needs.

Doctor discussing the intake procedure at Arcadia Trails

What Is an Intake Assessment?

What sets us apart from other treatment centers is comprehensive and thorough pre- and post-treatment testing for each patient. These tests build a platform so that each of our patients has an individualized treatment plan addressing their unique needs.

The tools our clinicians use to measure the appropriate level of care needed, addiction severity, readiness to change, personality, mental health, trauma and more. These are an important part of assuring that each patient has a treatment plan giving them the best chance at success.

Each of our patients completes a health and physical exam, providing medical clearance for addiction treatment. Basic lab work is completed, including a metabolic panel and a complete blood count.

Also, an alcohol breathalyzer or blood alcohol test and a 12-panel urine drug screening are completed. For females, we will provide a pregnancy test.

We not only treat the addiction, but we also want to make sure our patients have a thorough understanding of their overall health situation and have access to appropriate care. If indicated by the patient or doctor, additional tests may be completed, such as a thyroid panel or hemoglobin test (for diabetes). Hep C and HIV testing are available upon request.

Questions may include the patient’s medical history, name and date of birth, treatment goals, substance use history, budget constraints and existing medical and mental health conditions.

A neuropsychological evaluation may also be done to assess how one's brain functions. This gives our doctors information about the structure and function of the brain. A neuropsychological screening may be used if someone has had a stroke, head injury or dementia is suspected. Sometimes patients are required to complete neuropsychological testing when they are referred to treatment by their professional organization. 

intake procedure with Arcadia Trials patient

Why is Intake Important?

It takes courage to begin the process of detoxification and healing, and the intake process is an important step in identifying the best treatment plan for each person. Clinical caregivers need to be aware of the substance use history and feelings each person has in relation to their drug or alcohol dependence.

The initial health screenings during the intake process also help caregivers to address issues like physical or mental health challenges as well as any fears a person may have when starting their journey to healing.

Our caregivers can also address any financial or budget limitations to ensure that each person receives the help they need to have a healthy life. The intake process is vital for patients to identify their own fears, feelings and limitations, but it also allows patients to learn about the recovery process they are embarking on.

At times, medical withdrawal management (detoxification) is often needed when a person enters an addiction recovery center. Our doctors and nurses are specially trained to help patients cope with the withdrawal symptoms of early drug or alcohol abstinence.

This allows our patients to withdraw safely and in relative comfort. Without around-the-clock medical care, these withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant, dangerous and even life-threatening.

What Should I Have Prepared for Intake?

Because the intake process helps Arcadia Trails to identify the most important details of recovery, patients should be prepared to share information with empathetic caregivers who want to develop the best treatment plan possible. Patients should bring:

  • Identification and insurance information, if applicable
  • Medical history and list of medications
  • Applicable financial information
  • Emergency contacts and legal contacts
  • List of allergies
  • A positive attitude and hopeful outlook
  • A willingness to make changes to become healthy

Change and admitting to a health problem can be scary, but there is no shame in seeking help. At Arcadia Trails, our team goes beyond basic requirements in addiction treatment to assure that our patients get all the care they need for physical, mental and emotional health, thus giving them the very best success rates.

Don’t be afraid to call. To start the admission process, call us at 405-216-2500 or toll-free at 844-817-6685. Now is the time for healing, courage and positive change.