Complimentary Experiences

A structured treatment plan tailored to your needs, strengths, skills and goals can make all the difference in a successful recovery. Arcadia Trails offers individualized therapies, experiences and opportunities that put you in the best position to return to a healthy and productive life. Here are the complimentary experiences you can enjoy at Arcadia Trails.

Patients in a support group setting

Therapy and Recovery Principles Workshops

At Arcadia Trails, our program focuses on the 12-step facilitation therapy method that increases the likelihood of a patient becoming affiliated with and actively involved in a 12-step support group, while also understanding the associated recovery principles.

The 12-step method focuses on three areas: acceptance, surrender and active involvement. With acceptance, you acknowledge you can no longer control the addiction. Abstinence, not willpower, is the only answer. As you surrender, you accept support from the program and agree to follow the therapeutic activities. Finally, active involvement deals with attending meetings and activities.

In addition, we offer recovery training groups led by peer recovery coaches. You can also take part in object relations therapy to help you uncover childhood impressions that may contribute to current relationship difficulties. This type of therapy helps to create a secure, healthy attachment and rebuild your sense of self. In turn, it’ll help heal and resolve pain endured early on in life.

Life Skills Groups and Real World Planning

It’s easy to take day-to-day aspects of our lives for granted, but many of these facets need to be rebuilt during the recovery process. Our services help with basic life skills and planning for when you re-enter the world with help from an aftercare program.

According to the social learning theory, observing the behavior of others will influence our own behavior. Recovery consists of developing friendships and being around people who don’t use addictive substances and, in turn, observe and implement healthy behaviors.

You’ll undoubtedly face road bumps along the day. Managing stress and anger is a process that helps you identify stressors (or triggers) and learn steps to help remain calm. You’ll develop an ability to handle tense situations in a constructive, positive way.

With a new version of yourself comes change. Coping with grief and loss is an important part of the recovery process and necessary for patients to begin a new, healthier life. Learning to cope can be painful, but it’s essential in accepting change, moving forward and avoiding recurrence.

People who struggle with addiction rarely have a regular sleep schedule. In recovery, sleep hygiene is a crucial part of mental and physical growth. We’ll help you improve your sleep routine so you can have a good nighttime sleep and full daytime alertness. It can also improve productivity and quality of life.

Finally, financial literacy is often an overlooked part of the recovery process. Financial counseling can provide invaluable guidance to help you get your finances back on track and ensure that life in recovery is as healthy and fulfilling as possible. Our tools and services will help you achieve this.

Mindfulness Training

Substance use disorders can harm a person mentally, physically and spiritually. Through meditation, guidance, prayer or counseling, we help patients rediscover what matters to them and begin to rebuild a new life based on inner peace and strength.

Mindfulness exercises can reshape the brain in positive ways to improve physical and mental health and promote well-being. They can also help tame anxiety, provide a greater self-awareness and help patients acknowledge and cope with their emotions.

We offer relaxation groups and meditation to train awareness and get a healthy sense of perspective. You’ll learn to observe your feelings without judgment. Eventually, you’ll start to better understand yourself as a result.

You’ll also learn the art of grounding, which brings your focus to what is happening to you physically, either in your body or in your surroundings, instead of letting anxious thoughts consume you.

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Arcadia Trails is a 60,000+ square foot, 40-bed, safe, serene and state-of-the-art recovery environment situated on the edge of a medical campus in Edmond. Our goal is to care for the mind, body and spirit using a holistic approach to address addiction, mental health and trauma. Visit our program page to learn more or call us at 405-216-2500 to get started on your path to recovery.