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Caring for mind, body & spirit.

Depression, anxiety, bipolar and other mental health problems can have a compounding effect on addiction. In some cases, they were where the addiction began. It’s common for people suffering from mental health problems to “self-medicate” – to use whatever chemicals they can find (e.g. marijuana, alcohol or illicit prescription drugs) to calm their anxiety, relieve depression or manage other conditions.

Likewise, unaddressed trauma can fester like an untreated wound, making recovery difficult or impossible. Until we address all three holistically – addiction, mental health and trauma – we can’t hope for any of the three to begin real healing and recovery. 

True program individualization.

The Arcadia Trails therapy team works closely with our addictionologist and other experts to truly tailor a treatment plan to your needs, strengths, skills and goals. Though your treatment program will be tailored to your strengths and needs, every Arcadia Trails patient follows the same path:

Phase 1 Acceptance and Willingness
Phase 2 Inward Assessment and Discovery
Phase 3 Understanding and Experiencing Spirituality
Phase 4 Mending Relationships and Living Sober
Phase 5 Returning to Life


Seeking a spiritual awakening.

“Spiritual experience” and “spiritual awakening” are common themes in recovery literature and are believed to be critical turning points in an individual’s recovery process. To that end, Arcadia Trails offers a spiritual track for incorporating spirituality into recovery with everything from the Buddhist-inspired Refuge Recovery, Christian-based Celebrate Recovery and the Toltec Four Agreements.

Understanding and experiencing spirituality

If you prefer something without a religious basis – as many recovering from addictions do – we allow therapists, peer recovery coaches and community volunteers from local step/recovery programs to guide you through spiritual track milestones:

  • Discerning between spirituality and religion
  • The role of spirituality in recovery
  • Steps/strategies to foster spiritual development
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Spiritual and religious development
  • Compassion and forgiveness
  • Developing a personal spiritual enhancement plan

Further program details.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

When appropriate, Arcadia Trails uses FDA approved, evidence-based medications such as Suboxone under the close supervision of our addiction psychiatrist.

Family program

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, so our family program is a key feature and begins on day one of treatment. The family surrounding a recovering person is a crucial part of their success. At Arcadia Trails, family therapy, support and education isn’t limited to a single week or event. It’s offered throughout the treatment program, allowing you to experience the same phases of recovery as your family member in treatment.  

Gender-responsive treatment

Arcadia Trails is a proponent of gender-responsive treatment (GRT), which recognizes that men and women are likely to have their own unique challenges in recovery and seeks to address those with appropriate therapy and preparation.

Process addictions

Process and behavioral addictions like gambling and sex addiction, eating disorders and compulsive spending commonly occur alongside drug and alcohol addiction. Though Arcadia Trails will not treat process or behavioral addictions as a primary condition, we will provide assessment, education, monitoring and stabilization. In some cases, a local referral may be arranged for therapy services.

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