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The admissions process

At Arcadia Trails, we know that timing is everything. It’s vitally important to begin treatment as soon you’re willing and able. No outside referral is necessary, but if you’d like professional help or intervention resources, please contact us.


Understanding Costs

Arcadia Trails is a first-rate residential treatment program. The many programs and offerings – such as intensive therapies, semi-private rooms and much more – mean that costs can be significant but a healthy future, clear of the hazards and heartbreak of addiction, is worth it. We’ve selected several medical lending companies to assist you.



Process Overview

To streamline the process, be sure you or your loved one meets our basic admission criteria:

  • Adults 18 and older
  • Male and female (including pregnant females)
  • Voluntary admissions only
  • Primary diagnosis of chemical addiction (with or without co-occurring mental illness or trauma)
  • Psychiatric and cognitive stability

We can accept men, women (including those who are pregnant) and transgender individuals.


The Arcadia Trails treatment program begins with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, where each of our clinicians and team members get to know you in-depth. Knowing what makes you tick – your strengths, skills, needs and goals – helps our team develop a genuinely individualized plan of treatment.

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During this time, you will also undergo medically supervised detoxification. Withdrawals can be the first major obstacle in addiction recovery, so we’ll be by your side to see you through it. This typically occurs at Arcadia Trails but can involve the medical campus of INTEGRIS Health Edmond if necessary. Learn more about detox.

The Program Begins

At this point, you’re welcomed into the community and program of Arcadia Trails. You’ll make new friends, have a counselor assigned to your case and begin daily therapy – both one-on-one with your counselor and in various groups. The program consists of five main phases, which you’ll work through at your own pace.

To learn more about the details of the Arcadia Trails program, click here.

The Final Phases

As you enter the final phases of treatment, you’re likely to feel very different from the person who walked in the doors on day one. You’ll also begin to understand that returning to the environments and people that surrounded your addiction is bound to be treacherous. That’s where aftercare planning begins.

You will work together with your counselor and others to create a continuum care plan, containing a list of personal triggers and stressors, warning signs, coping skills and healthy behaviors practiced in recovery, to stay safe, sober and healthy. It also will include the contact information for safe people, including your aftercare case manager, peer recovery coach and sponsor. Reminders of appointments, hotlines, medications and community resources will also be provided.

Aftercare might also include a recommendation to progress to a halfway house or sober housing. Like your individualized treatment plan, your aftercare plan is also customized to your specific needs.

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Returning to Arcadia Trails

As more participants transition from the program, Arcadia Trails will begin onsite 12-step meetings for alumni. This is a great way to remain connected and continue to build the support system that will be vital to your continued recovery.

The Role of Family

Arcadia Trails understands that every person’s recovery can depend largely on the support of their family. Instead of having a family “week” or limited program, we invite families of our recovering residents to participate throughout the five phases of the Arcadia Trails program.


We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and please read a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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It’s important to begin treatment as soon as you’re willing and able and it's even easier now that we are able to accept many insurance plans. To start the admission process, call us at 405.216.2500 or toll-free at 844.817.6685.

For general information about Arcadia Trails call 405.216.2564. You can Fax us at 405.216.2501.

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