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Treatment Philosophy

A frank look at the current state of addiction treatment.

In the initial phases of the Arcadia Trails development, we were determined to develop a program that didn’t simply reflect other existing treatment center philosophies, but instead addresses what is lacking in the current addiction treatment paradigm.

To that end, our clinical committee interviewed hundreds of people who had undergone treatment, reviewed their discharge summaries and identified seven areas of major limitation in current treatment programs. These include a chronic and troubling lack of:

  1. Transparency
  2. Interdisciplinary teams
  3. Comprehensive assessment
  4. Individualized, integrated and intentional treatment plans
  5. Evidence-based treatment 6) Patient literacy and skill development
  6. A robust framework for measuring and tracking outcomes

Limitations and solutions.

We are transparent about our integrated treatment philosophy and our framework for delivering exceptional clinical care. This transparency extends to program cost and outcomes data. For more information, please call us at 405-216-2564.
We have devoted considerable resources to assembling an interdisciplinary team of clinical staff – experts in the integrated treatment of addiction, mental illness and trauma.
Every patient seeking treatment at Arcadia Trails will receive a comprehensive assessment, including interdisciplinary evaluations by an addiction board-certified psychiatrist, addiction psychologist, nurse, social worker, addictions therapist, chaplain, nutritionist and recreation therapist.

The comprehensive assessment will result in a patient’s individualized, integrated and intentional treatment plan based on his or her medical assessment, psychological testing, clinical interviews and goals:

Individualized: Unique to the patient, his/her concerns and goals for recovery.
Integrated: Treatment will increase the patient’s knowledge base and skill set for recovery from addiction, mental illness and trauma.
Intentional: The knowledge and skills that we teach patients are an intentional fit for their personality, learning style and inherent skill set.

Program components for addiction, mental illness and trauma have been selected based on evidence-based empirical support and clinical consensus of the treatment team. We utilize SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) as a guide for including program components.
Improving patient literacy and skill development are two main goals of the program. Learning about addiction, mental illness and trauma is strongly emphasized, and patient progress and status are objectively measured using psychological testing and recovery milestones. By repeating psychological testing prior to discharge, we can objectively measure pre- to post-symptom reduction, therapeutic progress and appropriateness for discharge to a lower level of care.
For the first year after discharge, targeted aftercare case management will allow for measuring outcomes along several life domains (work, health, recovery status, hospitalizations, legal encounters, family and quality of life). We are committed to a long-term partnership with patients in their recovery journey.

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It’s important to begin treatment as soon as you’re willing and able. And it's even easier now that we are able to accept the following insurance plans:

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