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True Individualization

Begins with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.

Many treatment centers and programs talk about “individualized treatment plans.” At Arcadia Trails, we believe every single individual’s recovery is different. Every person has different skills, learning styles, needs and goals. That calls for a true, customized blueprint for each person’s recovery.

To that end, every patient’s stay begins with intensely comprehensive biological, psychological, cognitive, social and spiritual evaluations and assessments. To ensure accuracy of the results’ interpretation, these are each conducted by the appropriate team member: an addiction board certified psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, addiction therapist, behavioral case manager, chaplain, dietitian or recreation therapist.

Why Is It Important to Have an Individualized Treatment Plan?

Your recovery is as unique as you are. With that in mind, our professionals work hand-in-hand with you to create an individualized treatment plan for drug or alcohol addiction.

With millions of people choosing treatment every year, every addiction is different. Addictions also affect different people in different ways.

Reasons for addiction also vary. Some people have a family history of addiction, while others may have started as recreational users. Other people become addicted after the first time they use a substance while others gradually worked up to heavy use. Some people have mental health disorders or a history of trauma that can co-exist with addiction, while others may have initially used substances to alleviate physical pain.  

Social environments vary as well, certain environments may actively or passively encourage substance use. Every patient has an exclusive life journey all their own that includes their personal history, social factors that contribute to use, health conditions, individual struggles, and specific goals.

An individualized treatment plan is important because it recognizes that each person is a unique individual and has a unique history. Because of that, your recovery plan should be tailored to fit your needs, struggles, goals, and treatment.

Many different factors can contribute to addiction. Because of that, using a one-size-fits-all plan for addiction treatment is unrealistic. At Arcadia Trails, we individualize the care to your needs and your personality.

Treatment plan creation

Each patient’s individually tailored treatment plan will be divided into seven distinct areas of concern:

Addiction recovery • Mental illness recovery
Trauma recovery • Medical problems
Health and wellness •  Social concerns
Case management needs

Diagnostic evaluations

  1. Physical examination (History and Physical), labs and review of medications
  2. Psychiatric evaluation with emphasis on review of medications, risk assessment, diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations
  3. Nutrition and diet assessment
  4. Recreational/fitness assessment
  5. Genetic testing (per patient preference and availability)
  1. Biopsychosocial evaluation with master’s level behavioral health care provider (e.g., LCSW, LPC, LADC-MH, LMFT) to include collateral interviews with referral sources, past providers and obtaining past behavioral health and medical records
  2. Substance abuse history and relapse patterns
  3. Patient’s own list of perceived strengths and obstacles to recovery in each domain and personal treatment goals (structured form provided) in each of the areas in his/her own words:
    • Addiction goals
    • Psychiatric illness
    • Trauma goals
    • Medical goals, including use of MAT
    • Health and wellness
    • Mending relationships
    • Case management
  4. Patient’s motivation and confidence ratings for treatment (pre and post), using a Likert scale on electronic survey recommended by the Clinical Informatics team, which addresses: Addiction, psychiatric illness, trauma, medical concerns, health and wellness concerns (e.g., sleep, nutrition, exercise), mending relationships, aftercare concerns, treatment effectiveness, motivation in terms of readiness to change, perceptions of past treatment (if applicable), and current episode of care
  5. Psychological testing administered by licensed psychologist to determine symptom severity for addiction, psychiatric illness and trauma
  6. Initial diagnosis or diagnoses assigned using DSM-5, problem list, continuing care plan, and initial treatment plan
As appropriate and if recommended by medical director, the initial assessment may include a neuropsychological screening consultation.
  1. Family and social support collateral interviews
  2. Spiritual assessment
  3. Life goals and life balance factors

This evaluation process will lead to a comprehensive conceptualization of the patient’s diagnoses, skills, deficits and support system. The treatment experience will be guided by the diagnostic process and findings noted above.

How Does Arcadia Trails Tailor Treatment to Me?

Every patient’s stay begins with evidence-based comprehensive biological, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional assessments.

To ensure accuracy of the results’ interpretation, these are each conducted by the appropriate team member: an addiction board-certified psychiatrist, addiction therapist, behavioral health case manager.

We’ll discuss your physical needs, but also your substance use history and reoccurrence patterns.

As a patient, you also have a role in your treatment plan. We ask you to create your own list of perceived strengths and obstacles to recovery and personal treatment goals. Psychological testing administered also helps determine your unique level of care needed for addiction, mental health and trauma.

We also tailor your therapy treatment to fit your needs. From educational programs that shine the light on how to prevent reoccurrence to individual counseling and family counseling, many treatment options are available that can be specially tailored to help you recover.

Long-term recovery success for any program is individualization. The more your treatment plan is tailored to your needs, the more successful your journey to a better life will be.

If you are interested in learning more about Arcadia trails and how we approach recovery, sign up for a free brochure and poster here. For additional questions, call Arcadia Trails at 405.216.2500 or toll-free at 844.817.6685. 

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