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We understand you want to be sure you’re sending patients to the treatment center that will give them the best chance for a long-term recovery. We also know it can be challenging to find the sort of information that matters to a referring professional, so we’ve created this section of the Arcadia Trails website to make it easier for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Addiction will be holistically addressed, along with its co-occurring and compounding issues – mental illness and trauma – while incorporating the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Arcadia Trails INTEGRISThe 40-bed residential center offers an unprecedented level of hope for men and women 18 and over. And it’s a hope that truly is authentic, because that hope is backed by one of the most comprehensive and thorough drug and addiction programs the region has ever seen. 

It begins with thorough, in-depth clinical evaluations and assessments that inform the development of an individualized, integrated, intentional treatment plan. One that truly is customized to reflect the needs, abilities, skills and goals of each individual patient.

The Arcadia Trails program also includes medication assisted treatment (MAT) when appropriate, overseen by our full-time addiction psychiatrist and medical director. Though the program is built on the medical model of addiction as a disease, we still offer numerous varied spiritual paths as well as an integrated family program and comprehensive aftercare planning – which we believe are essential to any successful recovery.

Length of stay matters.

One of the first decisions to make regarding treatment is the length of stay. Rest assured, we take into account all the variables. Residential treatment means sacrificing a large amount of time, and we understand this can put a person’s life, family, career and finances under tremendous strain. However, we do believe – and research backs this up – the longer the treatment (up to 90 days), the higher the rate of success. 


We work with patients and families in concert with our Patient Assistance Fund and lenders to secure the most assistance available so they can focus on recovery rather than finances.


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It’s important to begin treatment as soon as you’re willing and able.

To start the admission process, call us at 405.216.2500 or toll free at 844.817.6685.

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For general information about Arcadia Trails call, 405.216.2564